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Corvette in the Barn

Tom Cotter’s Column


All The Good Cars Are Gone…


People ask me all the time: “Aren’t all the really good barn-finds gone? My answer is always the same, “No.”

I suppose it does depend on what kind of cars we’re talking about. I’d say that if you were looking for a GTO Ferrari, you’d probably come home empty handed at the end of a long barn-finding weekend. Same with an XKSS Jaguar; it’s probably safe to assume that every one of those rare, special cars are present and accounted for. I’ve spoken to Duesenberg expert Randy Ema, who said there are no missing Dueseys; they either still all exist or are known to have been scrapped. He does admit that some “lesser” models of the rare brand might still be sitting in hibernation, but certainly no Model Js, or models of that type.


But the more ordinary cars, ones you and I would be more than happy with – Porsche 356s, old solid-axle Corvettes and early Stingrays, Plymouth Road Runners and even Lamborghinis – I guarantee there are still plenty out there to be discovered. Why, because there were so many manufactured. Tens of thousands. Well, except for the Lambo, which I only mention because I know of a Miura that was recently pulled from a garage. Whereas the Dueseys, the Jag and the Ferrari have been hunted for many decades, the more “blue collar” cars are relatively new barn-find fodder.

OK, to prove my point, let’s have a contest. Over the next month, send your recent barn-find photos to These photos can only be of cars you discover within the next four weeks. No cheating by including photos of cars you found in a junkyard 20 years ago. Not fair.

I’ll have my camera with me so I can show you what I discover as well. We’ll see who comes up with the best, most interesting car. The winner will receive a signed, special edition of The Corvette In the Barn. How’s that for a deal? So put on your glasses and start looking behind old buildings and barns. I’m eager to prove that all the good cars are NOT gone; there are plenty still waiting to be discovered.


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