You Drove Your Vette How Fast?

Track Day at Waterford Hills Raceway
Sponsored by Cauley Performance Automotive

Summer is here, and what can be better than learning to drive your Corvette the way it was designed and built to be driven?

On Friday August 12th Cauley Performance will sponsor a Corvette Track Day in conjunction with the Corvettes America show. This Track Day will allow Corvette owners to notch their driving skills up one more level in an exclusive Corvette Driving School with track critiquing. Participants will have exclusive use of the Waterford Hills Raceway track during this day-long instructional experience.


Track day at Waterford Hills

This is not a race. It is an opportunity for you to drive your Corvette in the environment of its heritage, on an actual road race course. Drive at your comfort level and learn what you and your car are capable of doing without the dangers and distractions of traffic. Professional driving instructors will be in attendance – and even better, lunch will be provided. This event promises to be a great time, loaded with fun.

  • This exclusive Cauley Performance Automotive sponsored Track day will be held on one day only, Friday August 12th – rain or shine.
  • Entry is limited to forty (40) Corvettes only. Registration fee: $180.00. Drivers must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must wear an approved racing helmet – bicycle and motorcycle helmets are not permitted. A limited number of approved helmets will be available for rental -or- we can aid you in purchasing your own.
  • Corvette coupes with removable roof panels must have their roof panel(s) in place. Corvette convertibles will be permitted with their tops in the up position only.

A mandatory driver’s seminar will be held at 9:30am, followed by track time and lunch. We expect each driver to have a minimum of three fifteen to twenty minute driving sessions. Time permitting, hot laps with an experienced driver at the wheel and you in the passenger seat will be offered to those that want to experience the thrill of Waterford Hills Raceway at high speed.

We strongly recommend a fresh oil change overfilled by one quart and a full tank of gas. Gasoline is not available at the raceway. Tires should be inflated to 32 psi pressure. The Service Department at Cauley Performance Automotive can help you in servicing your Corvette for this fun day.

Once again, this is not a race or timed event. This event is limited to street legal Corvettes that must be able to pass a visual technical inspection. Any modifications beyond factory stock must be approved. Arrangements for such approval should be made prior to the day at the track. The right to refuse entrants at our discretion is reserved.

–Corvettes America Track Day- – – – – $150.00 per car

–Reserve your admission on-line or send your check before July 31, 2010. Remember – entry is limited to forty (40) Corvettes only.

–>Email Today to reserve your space and more info.

Submit your request to:

Subject: Track day reservation

Upon submitting your request, Please include best phone number to reach you. Someone from the Cauley team will contact you to complete your registration and answer any questions. We can also be reached at 248-855-9700.

Information about the Corvettes America all-Corvette Show and Track day at


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