Vintage Corvette Racer at Waterford

Corvette Owners and Lovers

First L88 will be on the track Saturday

In two short days, July 29th thru 31st, an event will come to Clarkston and the Waterford Hills Road Race Course that should excite our senses and bring back fond memories.

Many of us grew up during the days of the original Mustang, the Camaro, Shelby Cobras, and big-block Corvettes thundering up and down Woodward and showing their prowess on drag strips and road race courses in southeast Michigan.  We watched races and read magazines as Zora Duntov and Chevrolet reacted to Ford and Carroll Shelby’s 427 Cobras.  Waterford Hills is bringing back an event that will let us enjoy those special vehicles again – Vintage Racing

We as Corvette owners and supporters of Corvette racing have an opportunity to show our support for these restored race cars and the very first Corvette L88.  Starting on Friday evening the 29th, we can view these Vintage racers in Depot Park in Clarkston and then on Saturday and Sunday we can watch them race while being part of a Corvette Corral up on the hill at Waterford.

A special admission of $2 is available if you drive your Corvette.  Let’s show the other Waterford Hills Vintage Race fans why Corvette is America’s Sports Car and how we made it so.  Read the attached flyer.  See you there!


from Jim Riley –  America’s Corvette Club




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