National Corvette Museum Celebrates 20th with 2014 Caravan

Michigan, Indiana, Western Kentucky Caravan News

ImageAn Update from Larry Courtney, 2014 MI Corvette Caravan Leader

It seems we have been on the road at least two weeks out of every month and are getting ready to leave for Texas in a couple of days to do Vettes and Jets on the Lex. The back of our Corvette says “Have Vette Will Travel” and we do. We hope some of you have the opportunity to attend a couple of our events, the Birthday Bash at the Ren Cen and Corvettes on Woodward.

We are leaving Michigan Tuesday August 26, 2014 and will arrive in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Wednesday August 27, 2014. I was given the added responsibility of the Indiana Caravan and I welcome them. The Indiana Caravan will be joining us in Indianapolis.

The Route

I will begin up north. Tom Kelly of Hank Graff Chevrolet told me he would love to be the rally point for people in and around the Flint/Davison area. Next year will be a very special year for Graff Chevrolet because they are celebrating their 100th Anniversary. If you are in the area stop in and say congratulations. Jim Schoenfield from Team Corvette Club said he will help Tom in coordinating the rally point. I appreciate their help. Final preparations will be announced later but plan to leave Graff Chevrolet by 10 AM so you will be at the meeting place in Marshall Michigan.

Marshall Michigan

I met with Tim Caron of Caron Chevrolet in Marshall and he is looking forward to having his dealership lot filled with Corvettes. By the time we get there Tim’s major remodeling will be complete. My hope is that everyone from the Flint area and the West Coast of Michigan groups will be at Caron Chevrolet around noon on Tuesday August 26, 2014. There are many Fast Food restaurants nearby. Jeff McQuade of Calhoun County Corvettes is helping with the coordination of activities at Caron Chevrolet.

From the East side of Michigan

I will lead the caravan from Matick Chevrolet Redford Michigan. We will begin to assemble at 8 AM and leave at 10 AM for Marshall. Matick Chevrolet will have completed their major renovations that include the largest indoor showroom in the state. Matick Chevrolet is a sponsor of the 2014 Michigan Corvette Caravan.

We will have three groups blending in Marshall Michigan. We should be on the road by 2 PM for our next destination Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have made arrangement with the Wyndham West in Indianapolis for our night stop. This hotel can accommodate everyone plus have a secure parking area with washing stations. The hotel is also located about ten minutes away from the Indianapolis Speedway. The room rate is 105.00 per night and includes breakfast. They cannot make reservation more than 11 months in advance so please be patient. Wednesday night the hotel is offering for sale hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, fries, nachos and more. I will be sending a complete menu with prices. Verna and I had the hamburgers and fries and they were good. I have a room reserved for us to eat in that I am sure you will like. There is also a nice Italian restaurant in the hotel and a great lounge.

Wednesday morning after breakfast we will head over to the Indianapolis Speedway for a lap and pictures of you and your Corvette crossing the finish line. The exact time is still not determined because the event is more than six months away.

When you leave the Speedway you will head south to Louisville Kentucky and Church Hill Downs. I have arranged for everyone to have lunch there. No, we will not be going on the track. I would like us to be on the road by 2 PM so we can arrive at the Museum around 4 PM. We will do a parade lap around the Museum and head for our hotels.

Hotels in Bowling Green

I am working on booking more blocks of rooms in Bowling Green. Some hotels were not able to make reservations more than 12 months in advance. Many of the hotels in Bowling Green are smaller and will not be able to fit the entire caravan so we will be spread out in the area. Fortunately it is a small area and you will probably be within a fifteen minute drive of the Museum.

I was at the Museum last week and received the following information:

For all of you inquiring about hotel rooms in Bowling Green during the 20th Anniversary Celebration next year, I can now let you know that the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau has established a website showing those hotels that have rooms available. The site is new and the amount of information is in the beginning stages but now you have somewhere to go to look for rooms. The BGC&VB will maintain this page and update as they receive inputs from the hotels. As time progresses we know that cancellations will be occurring and when they do, the hotel will provide the information for this page. The good folk there deserve our sincere thanks and gratitude for taking on this task and making every effort to ensure we have a great event. Please do not call them for information as this site was established to cut down on the contacts with both them, the NCM, and myself. The URL

This is my third caravan and there are always rooms available in Bowling Green. Keep checking the Visitors web site.

The Corvette Plant is not giving tours yet but I am sure they will be announcing them soon. Don’t forget they did a major set up for the C7. The Museum will be announcing their events in the coming months. Watch your email. The Museum has broken ground for the Motorsports Park and there is lots of earth moving going on right now. I will be sending more details on the Indianapolis stop and menus and pictures of the hotel and meeting room I have for us.

Right now it is just my wife Verna and I planning this trip. We have traveled to many parts of the state and have sponsored events to get people interested in joining the caravan. When we get closer to the kick off we will need help at all of the meeting places. We plan to have goodie bags and t-shirts for everyone and we need help distributing them at the checkpoints. If you are an individual or group or club please let me know if you can help.

We have two trips left this season. Next week we will be in Texas for a fund raiser for Wounded Warriors and the first week in October we will be in Gatlinburg Tennessee for a Corvette show there. I have been trying to keep up with emails with my new smart phone but I guess I am not smart enough to be very successful with it. Whatever happened to just talking to people. I am taking my laptop with us so I can keep in touch.

Please feel free to call me at 586-876-6923

When emailing or replying to my emails please sign your name and give contact information. Thank you

Matick Chevrolet

Corvette Central

I am seeking more sponsors.

Please contact me for more information

Larry Courtney
Michigan Captain

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